Personal Projects

In this section I am not listing my business related projects which I have delivered in IBM or ITWORX, for those ones you can check them through my LinkedIn profile, I will only be listing some few projects that I am doing in my spare time as an x-software-developer 🙂

Back in the early days I participated in ICU (International Components for Unicode) open source project, ICU is mainly aiming to provide Unicode libraries that can be used on any operating system and from within any application to support the different spoken languages, I mainly participated in providing the Arabic language shaping engine that shapes the letters’ based on their location in the word, yes Arabic characters have different shapes based on their location in the world 😉

You can visit the ICU project through this link

Aqraa is a Facebook page integrated with a PHP web application that runs in the backend through a scheduler where it gets some Islamic information from a MySQL database and posts them on the Aqraa FB page, I am very proud of this application and its FB page which has audience of more than 140,000 now

You can access the Aqraa Facebook page through this link

This is a very simple WordPress website that I created for my Uncle’s car repairing business, it needs some face lifting that I intend to do when I have some spare time isA, but for now you can visit the current website by following this link

When I started learning MySQL and PHP few years ago I wanted to test my learning so I got this website as a freelancer and implemented it in full from scratch for only $30, it was not intended for profit and it contained a lot of features:

  • Admin application where the admin can list propertires, their details, their Google Maps … etc.
  • Front end web application where end users can search for the properties, read their details, navigate through their Google maps, plus a search feature with some advanced search capabilities
  • And of course integration with Google Ads as well

It was a lot of work in a very limited time frame but it was fun knowing that I can deliver a full project on my own after learning MySQL and PHP for less than a month

You can click the image to see the home page of the front end website

eClinic is a web application that I create for my brothers’ medical clinic, the application has two roles; a doctor role and an admin role. The admin can add patients and their appointments while the doctor view the appointments, add patients’ sheets, diagnosis, medicine … etc. Of course it has search features plus the doctors can use it to track the clinic revenue versus expenses and profits, it is currently hosted in a local server so it doesn’t have an external link to include here

TechnoNews is an Android application for smart phones and tablets created using the AppYet framework, you can use the application to view technology related news categorized in several categories

You can download the application to give it a try from Google Play Store and here you go its link