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Just a few days ago we knew about these new game services to be provided by Google and Apple; Google is going to provide Google Stadia which is simply a streaming service for all games’ types and genres even the AAA games, you can just click on a game trailer from Youtube and voila you are live streaming without much latency and enjoying it with all the players around the globe, Stadia is scheduled to launch later in 2019 in some specific regions like the US and Europe but knowing Google I believe it won’t take them more than a few months up to a year to avail Stadia all over the world.

On the other hand Apple is just announcing its Apple Arcade service in a couple of days, based on Apple’s website they are going to attract gamers by the unique storytelling and design of the games to be included in Apple Arcade, at launch there will be 100 games to choose from where Apple Arcade is scheduled to launch on the App Store during fall 2019.

Ok then two great gaming services from IT giants Google and Apple, would this trigger a new gaming war between those giants and the manufacturers of the traditional gaming consoles like Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, it is well knows that the consoles have been fighting their own gaming war for the past few years but introducing Google and Apple to the arena will probably make them feel the risk, just think about it; they are not facing a competition from a new console, they are actually facing extinction, although I don’t think Apple Arcade would be a much of a threat for the consoles but Google Stadia will definitely be a major risk for the consoles’ manufacturers, just imagine the gamers and instead of purchasing the new consoles they will just save the console’s money and use it to purchase more games on Google Stadia.

I believe the idea of streaming games will cause a lot of headaches to Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

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