Article: Game Development (Part 2) – Game Design Tools

In this article we will continue our discussion about game development, here we will start taking about the different tools that you need for game design and whether we really need a set of complicated tools to help us in game design

If you searched over the internet for the best tools to use for game design you will find many websites talking about different tools and software but take care that we are not talking here about the user experience aspect of game design or in other words we are not talking about designing the visual elements such as images, graphics, animations and menu items for the game; we are rather talking here about designing the the user’s experience, how the game would be appealing to the player from the story telling part and how the game would be exciting to him that he might leave everything to play this game

Having said that then probably there is no such a thing as a set of tools to help you design an appealing exciting and interactive game for the player, all you really need to have is a small notebook and a pen/pencil to take notes of how your game should work, how the levels should be designed and how the game would be appealing to the player

One of the things that might be helping would be storyboarding tools, a story board is simply how your story would be presented to the user and since good games are all about the story telling or the story the game designer is trying to present to his players then you might find the storyboarding tools helpful with this aspect

Our next game development article would be about story boarding tools, I have made a research about these tools that I would like to share with you in my coming article, stay tuned 🙂

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